Welcome to the Realm of Valingard!

It has been 500 years since Kil’harun, the Righteous War, came to an end. From across the Vast Sea, the humans came to the remote land of Valingard. Merchants and explorers had found the human-less land a mere decade before the invasion. The Grand Priest Helron, theocratic ruler of the Realm of Amon and head of the Erathic Church, had convinced his great many followers that they had been given a holy charge by Erathis, the god of civilization, to tame the wild races and uncharted lands of Valingard. Over the next five years, Helron amassed a great crusader army and set sail for the eastern plains of Valingard. Helron’s army started its two-month voyage to Valingard, leaving Amon exposed to its enemies.

Word got out that Amon was launching a war and a spy came to Helron to report that his many enemies (orcs, undead lich kings, and ostracized tieflings) were joining forces against him. With no way to recall his forces in time, Helron and his advisers realized they had no choice but to abandoned Amon. The lords of Amon evacuated as many people as they could, but there was no way to spare everyone. The refugee fleet was over a month behind the army. By the time Helron’s ship reached Valinguard, his skillful generals had already captured the eastern plains and the Isle of Ash with minimal losses. However, losing their homeland and families destroyed the will of a good number of troops. Some deserted their duties; others completely rebelled and began fighting to defend of Valingard from the corrupt religious forces. But there was no match for the size of Helron’s army, and the races of Valingard fell one by one. By the time they put aside their differences to cooperate, it was too late. Valingard fell, and New Theos was established as the human capitol.

Today, the humans still control most of the land and humans are the predominant race. Most of the other races are shunned by most of human society, especially in the larger district centers. Some exception is given to converts of Erathis, and it is possible, though rare, to find a non-human cleric or follower of Erathis. Few ever rise above a basic priest or servant. Violence is common outside of the heavily guarded cities, and there are several areas that have been conceded to the non-humans. There are sects of assassins and miscellaneous cults trying to overthrow the Erathic Church. Crime organizations are not a rare sight. Bribery is a normal and accepted practice in most human cities, as long as the purpose is to protect and expand the interests of Erathis, and ultimately the church.

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